Exploring the Link Between Unhealthy Attachment and Trauma Symptoms

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Areeja Shahid
Saima Masoom Ali


Every individual is born with innate attachment, and it is considered the survival instinct. Theorists and researchers emphasize the importance of attachment. Therefore, the first two years of a child are of great importance in forming sense of relationship. It can be considered as maternal deprivation if it is not formed during these years thus leading to trauma. The purpose of this article is to review attachment theory and relate attachment perspective to trauma symptoms. It also aims to draw the compression between healthy and unhealthy attachments. This paper intents to explain the common trauma symptoms that show up due to unhealthy attachment. It also highlights the trauma symptoms an adult struggle with due to the insecure attachment. To do so, this work includes the reviewed paper of the period between 2017-2021. In these studies, individuals with attachment trauma have found to have difficulty in maintaining interpersonal relationships along-with experiencing psychosomatic symptoms, sexual and mental issues and difficulty in regulating emotions. The work contributes to the field of psychology by enhancing the understanding of importance and impact of attachment theory by exploring the traumatic impact on adult life. The work also may facilitate clinicians and care givers in spreading awareness about trauma symptoms and finding practical solutions to cater the symptoms.

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Areeja Shahid, & Saima Masoom Ali. (2022). Exploring the Link Between Unhealthy Attachment and Trauma Symptoms. Advances in Psychology and Behavioral Studies, 1(1), 23–27. Retrieved from http://metisjournals.com/index.php/apbs/article/view/27

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