Impact of Personality Traits on Career Success: Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence

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Sidra Salam
Aslan Amat Senin
Huma Sikandar


This study was conducted with an aim to examine the effects of big five personality traits on career success with the moderating role of emotional intelligence. The study adopts positivist paradigm utilizing survey technique. The sample of the study comprised of 250 respondents drawn from banking sector. By using socio-analytical framework, the study shows that big five personality traits contribute positively and significantly towards career success. Two of the big five personality traits i.e. agreeableness and neuroticism are found to have positive influence contradicting many previous studies. Emotional Intelligence positively moderates the relationship between personality traits and career success. The study has implications for service organizations. Managers or supervisors can better utilize the findings of the study in designing training programs for their employees to improve their abilities in controlling their emotions and utilizing their personalities in order to achieve organizational goals and enhance
their productivity.

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Sidra Salam, Aslan Amat Senin, & Huma Sikandar. (2022). Impact of Personality Traits on Career Success: Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence. Advances in Social and Cultural Studies, 1(1), 1–9. Retrieved from

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