The Impact of Covid Anxiety on Mental Health: Moderating Role of Social Support

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Huma Batool
Dr. Iram Batool Awan


COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has affected the mental health of people world-wide. With a decrepit heath care system in developing countries, it is very difficult to handle the outburst of the virus. This study was conducted with a purpose to examine the impact of COVID-19 anxiety on mental health and exploring the moderating role of social support and gender difference among medical students. A cross-sectional survey was designed and a purposive sampling was used to collect data from 340 participants (157 i.e., 46.2% males and 183 i.e., 53.8% females). The study was conducted online through google form and consisted of three questionnaires; covid anxiety scale by Lee (2020), patient health questionnaire by Kroenke (2010) and social support scale by Cohen (1983), to measure the variables of interest. Data were analyzed through SPSS version 23. The findings revealed that covid anxiety significantly impacts an individual’s mental health and social support significantly moderates the association between covid anxiety and mental health. Females experience greater covid anxiety and depressive symptoms whereas males have more social support as compared to females. The study may provide an insight to health regulatory agencies to initiate some mental health programs that can contribute to the betterment of the society.

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Huma Batool, & Dr. Iram Batool Awan. (2022). The Impact of Covid Anxiety on Mental Health: Moderating Role of Social Support. Advances in Social and Cultural Studies, 1(1), 17–23. Retrieved from

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