A Systematic Literature Review on Teaching and Learning in Digital Age at the Higher Education Level

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Arooj Khalid


The concept of digital world has been an emerging trend of e-teaching and learning in the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital age has now become a powerful and leading opportunity for education at tertiary level. In Pakistan, e-learning has become a prominent interest by substituting the traditional pedagogy with online models. It is the process that empowers the educators and students to learn digital skills. However, due to sudden outbreak of the pandemic, the entire world is shook and the education system has faced with a number of hurdles and challenges that need to be addressed. This systematic literature review is an attempt to create an understanding about the teaching and learning in digital age while highlighting different methodologies used in and findings of articles under the review in order to provide researchers with further avenues to conduct future research on different aspects of use of digital means in teaching, learning environment and while evaluating learning outcome of digital learning at the tertiary level of education. A meta-analysis method is use to collect data by using electronic database searches to find relevant articles ranges from year 2015-2020. A sample of 15 articles was taken from the period under study which were further classified into different themes.

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Arooj Khalid. (2022). A Systematic Literature Review on Teaching and Learning in Digital Age at the Higher Education Level. Advances in Learning and Educational Studies, 1(1), 22–27. Retrieved from http://metisjournals.com/index.php/ales/article/view/36

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