Examining the Echelon of Job Satisfaction among Male and Female Academic Staff

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Aneeqa Afaq
Qurrah-tul-ain Khan
Adeel Arshad


This study was undertaken with an aim to investigate the level of job satisfaction of teachers in the higher secondary schools so that appropriate policy measures can be drawn as to make them more productive in classrooms. For the purpose of this study, two hundred teachers were randomly chosen from two divisions i.e. Mirpur and Poonch of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. Teachers’ Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (TJSQ) as developed by Lester (1987) was employed to obtain responses from the sample of the study. Results revealed that female teachers were more satisfied than their male counterparts. Teachers seemed to be slightly satisfied with some aspects of the job like recognition, job security and working conditions. This research study can be helpful for policy makers in making decisions related to teachers’ job satisfaction and retention.

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Aneeqa Afaq, Qurrah-tul-ain Khan, & Adeel Arshad. (2022). Examining the Echelon of Job Satisfaction among Male and Female Academic Staff. Advances in Learning and Educational Studies, 1(1), 28–34. Retrieved from http://metisjournals.com/index.php/ales/article/view/37

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